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Going Green Lawn Care

Organic Based Fertilizer Programs

Soil Nutrients

 A typical lawn care program delivers four fertilizer applications during the season.  This cookie cutter process blasts your lawn with nitrogen three or four times a season causing spikes in your lawn's growth rate and even worse.....your lawn's color.  

OUR REVOLUTIONARY PROGRAM divides your lawn's feeding into seven applications while using large amounts of ORGANIC FERTILIZER and BIOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS.

"SPOON FEEDING" your lawn delivers a more consistent color to your turf throughout the season and helps develop a stronger overall root system.  In addition, our caring procedure not only minimizes the stress on your turf but more importantly helps to greatly reduce wasted fertilizer from running into our local waterways from run off.

Ph Test & Pelletized Lime

Using our own meters, Broehl’s Lawn Maintenance will test the pH of the soil. 


Working with us means no guessing!

Based upon the results of the test, we will apply Limestone at the correct rate to help bring the acidity of the soil back into the acceptable range. 

Aeration and Overseeding

Aeration mechanically removes cores of soil from the ground, reducing the compaction and bringing the best nutrients back to the surface of the soil. Aeration helps to move the micro-organisms around in the soil and in addition helps to get more air and water down to the roots of the grass.   

After the property is aerated we overseed with a high quality seed specific to your property's conditions. Every year a lawn will naturally thin. Overseeding every fall does something that no other application can... gives you new grass! 

Traditional Lawn Care Controls

Crabgrass Preventer

Two applications of Crabgrass Preventer are applied to help prevent the germination of grassy weeds.  

Our two split application scheduling will deliver superior results to the traditional single rated application.  

Should any Crabgrass “break through” during the season, it is sprayed out post-emergent as part of your full program. 

Grub Control

 Japanese Beatles randomly implant the eggs for white grubs directly into the ground.  

With our experience, your grub preventative application will set up within the soil, disrupting the egg laying process.  

With no exaggeration, this sub-surface feeder will be stopped before it ever has the chance to develop and feed on the precious roots of your turf.  

Broadleaf Weed Control

There is no way to magically prevent the common broadleaf weeds that will appear in your turf (like we can grassy weeds). 

However, with our deep understanding of the different species life cycle, we will spray them in a manner that will disrupt the "seed to weed" cycle.  

This not only eliminates the weed in the current situation, but reduces the amount of weed seeds for future weed generations.  

Surface Insect Control

Chinch Bugs, Bill Bugs, Web Worm.... 


These surface feeding insects can have multiple generations every season constantly putting the health of your turf at risk!

Have no fear, these surface feeding insects will be eliminated during the season to help prevent damage, new generations, and more damage.  


Nutgrass/Nut Sedge

  If this is a problem in your lawn area, our liquid application will be applied directly to the wide leaf of the plant eliminating this fast growing, light green "grass" for the remainder of the season. 

Nutsedge is sprayed as it is spotted on the properties through our inspections at 

NO CHARGE as part of your full program. 


Only Interested in the Going Green Applications?

Don't worry, we have you covered!

Our application program can be a part of a Broehl's Lawn Maintenance full program or as a stand alone program.

The link below will take you directly to our Going Green Web Site! 

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