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Our Lawn Maintenance Program

 Our company was established in 1987 and has been responsible for providing quality, professional, and dependable lawn maintenance to our beautiful community for well over 32 years.

This is about more than just cutting your grass, it's about helping to maintain the property;  that's the "Broehl's difference!"

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Going Green Lawn Care

 Going Green Lawn Care is an organic based lawn care application division of Broehl's Lawn Maintenance that strives to bring about the highest level of TURF GRASS, PROFESSIONALISM, AND CUSTOMER CARE - while reducing the amount of synthetic materials and pesticides. 

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Mosquito Barrier Program

Our Mosquito Barrier Program is designed to help reduce the mosquito population by attacking the pest's resting, hiding, and breeding areas of your property.  In addition, this program disrupts the mosquito's developmental process to reduce the number of generations that a mosquito can produce.

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Lawn Renovations

If your lawn has been missing the 

TENDER LOVING CARE that a program like ours offers, 

or if your lawn is...well, let's just say...a wreck, 

we can catch you up to your neighbors' 

with a complete renovation. 

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Landscape Design and Installation

From light landscape renovations to complete tear outs and starting anew.... from brick paver walkways and patios... water features to ponds.... we've got you covered!

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Other Services

If your're still unsure....  if it happens in your yard, 

we can probably handle it for you!  

Take a quick look at some of the other services that we offer!

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