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Got Mosquitos?


Our Mosquito Barrier Program

This program is designed to help reduce the mosquito population by attacking the pest's resting, hiding, and breeding areas of your property.  In addition, this program disrupts the mosquito's developmental process to reduce the number of generations that a mosquito can produce

Organic Programs and Traditional Programs Available

We offer mosquito control that can utilize either strictly organic materials or traditional materials.  Organic materials offer approximately a two week residual while traditional materials offer a three/four residual.

Five Barrier Treatments

Monthly treatments May - September to attack the mosquitoes resting and hiding places such as shrubs, ground cover, the underside of low tree branches, natural areas, wood piles, bark of trees and other common mosquito havens. 

Life Cycle Disruption

 Our mosquito application visits go beyond just spraying.  Our specially trained technician evaluates the property and manually eliminates free standing water where possible on the property ad/or the treats these areas with a hand application of growth regulars where applicable. (Gutters and roof lines are excluded).

Tick Control Additive

This additive to the mosquito applications will greatly reduce the larvae and adult tick populations as well.