Quality, Professional, Dependable, & Friendly Lawn Service Since 1987


Our History...

Broehl’s Lawn Maintenance, Inc. is a full service lawn and landscaping company specializing in turf grass management.  Established in 1987, this business was built on an “old style” work ethic believing in the true value of the customer.   Here's how it all began.... 

In 1986, John worked at a local fast food restaurant in East Brunswick.  When John's father fell ill, John needed to change his work hours so that he could visit his father in intensive care.  Not very empathetic to the situation, it was suggested to John that he either skip visiting his father in the hospital or look for other employment.  

The next day John took the opportunity to visit with his neighbor who had been persistently asking him about mowing the lawn for him.  After striking a deal, John decided that this would be the start of his "new job" and left his position "flipping burgers."

The very first day at his "new job" set the tone for what Broehl's Lawn Maintenance is built on.... an old time work ethic along with a handshake and a smile.   That very fist job was only supposed to take a few hours.  However, this beauty took Friday afternoon, all day Saturday, and all day Sunday for the astounding pay of... $25.  That's right. Although the job went horribly wrong and took soooo much longer than anticipated, John kept to his word!  He refused to quit and he refused to charge more! Luckily, the remainder of 1986 went a little smoother and he finished the year with four customers.  

With four customers, a desire to succeed, a thirst for knowledge, and an unprecedented work ethic,  John officially registered Broehl's Lawn Maintenance, Inc. as a company in the State of N.J.   

That 1987 season saw John working to build his new business while attending business classes at Middlesex County College and Agricultural Classes at Rutgers University.  As motivation, John used the fact that he was literally working and schooling day and night as he grew his customer base from four customers to twelve that year.

Broehl’s Lawn Maintenance was the “talk of the town” during the winter of 1987/1988 as the following season found John with over forty customers, hiring our first employee, and a waiting list of people wanting to experience what quality was all about.  

Today, Broehl’s Lawn Maintenance, Inc. services over seven hundred residential properties in the East Brunswick area.   While the weather climate, environment, and town has changed, the desire for us to strive to deliver the highest level of quality, professionalism, dependable, and friendly landscape services remains the same.  

Over 30 years later, we are proud to recognize that we are still maintaining a majority of our original twelve customers.  Here at Broehl's Lawn Maintenance, Inc., we are all about and believe in long term relationships.  We look forward to meeting you and are excited about the possibilities of caring for your turf grass.