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Lawn Maintenance Program


Weekly Property Maintenance (this is so much more than just mowing!)

  • Consists of  35 visits per season
  • Cutting on angles
  • Trimming around all trees and fence lines
  • Edging sidewalks
  • Removal of weeds in cracks of sidewalks, driveways, and curbs
  • Blowing off of hard surfaces
  • Cleaning of curb line

Spring Clean Up

  • To remove any overwintering leaves or small sticks from the turf areas or landscape beds

Fall Clean Up

  • Four visits for full maintenance customers 
  • Leaves and sticks are removed from the lawn areas and landscape beds
  • All leaves are removed form the property 
    • *We DO NOT leave the fall debris at the curb for the township leaf pick-up* 

Going Green Application Program

We are an ORGANIC BASED  application company.  Thus, we offer application programs that have:

  • Absolutely No Pesticide Use 
  • Reduced Pesticide Usage 
  • Traditional Pesticide Applications and usage

Click on the link for a deeper look into our Going Green Application Program 

discover going green!

Aeration & Overseeding

Aeration mechanically removes cores of soil from the ground, reducing the compaction and bringing the best nutrients back to the surface of the soil. Aeration helps to move the micro-organisms around in the soil and, in addition, helps to get more air and water down to the grass roots. 


After the property is aerated we overseed with a high quality seed specific to your properties conditions. Every year a lawn will naturally thin; overseeding every fall does something that no other application can... GIVES YOU NEW GRASS!